Thursday, December 10, 2009

Civil Rights

Haymarket and Strikes
Strikes are valid methods of changing working conditions and should not be opposed by any level of government UNLESS laws are broken or people hurt as a result.

Women's Rights Voting and Citizenship
Citizenship is based upon suffrage and that was what all Civil Rights movements were based upon. That one vote for an idividual. In itself it may not be that powerful but give half the population a vote it makes a huge difference. Beyond that one vote more influence may be attainned by sharing your ides with others.

I Have A Dream
The speach was important in keeping the movement non-violent and dignifies but at the same time made clear that they would settle for nothing short of equallity.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Observations from class

1. A person's value cannot be determined in some monetary or material way. Even if it was who are we to place such a value? The doctrine of slavery was based on the idea of people putting a value on other people and the only way that they were able to justify their actions were by questioning the humanity of those they enslaved. This of course is bogus but people did this to feel superior so that they felt that they may value people..
2. Minority groups: African-American, Native-American, Latin-American, Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans.
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Race ↓Hispanic or
Latino ↓
% of
H/L ↓
% of
US ↓
Not Hispanic
or Latino ↓
% of Not
H/L ↓
% of
US ↓
Any races35,305,81810012.5246,116,08810087.5
One race:33,081,73693.711.8241,513,94298.185.8
Black or
African A.
A. Indian/
Alaska Nat.
Hawaiian N.
& Pacific Is.
Some other14,891,30342.25.3467,7700.20.2
2+ races:2,224,0826.30.84,602,1461.91.6
Some other
+ W/B/N/A
2+ W/B/N/A364,5441.00.13,299,2711.31.2
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