Monday, February 8, 2010

Change Has Not Come Fast Enough- Obama's State of the Union

Where is the change that Obama has promised? When Obama was running for the role of President he made promises of vast social and economic reforms. Now as he says, "Change has not come fast enough." Under Obama the national debt has swelled under the burden of his stimulus package. In the wake of this costly attempt he wishes to put further strain on the economy with his health bill, and this "new" Jobs Bill. The wars that he promised to end have continued (although it is good that he is not leaving the job half done) and he has lost the support from many.
How does he respond to the feedback of the polls and his obvious lack of success? He gives a State of the Union with the air of a parent scolding an ignorant and unruly child. He makes pointed remarks that display his ineptitude and isolate his opposition on topics such as climate change. He says that the people didn't understand him and that is why they are unsupportive. He even goes as far as to attack the Supreme court, and declare political war on they the guardians of our constitution, the last check in our system. His arrogance astounds me. Obama cannot continue this mad push and soon will lose support of the legislature as he has already lost the support of the people and then he will lose his office.